We have been working on bringing together artists, writers, critical thinkers with different backgrounds in order to articulate the voice of a younger generation. Utca & Karrier Magazine is based in Budapest, Hungary which places us into an even more difficult position since the Hungarian political landscape turned upside down with the rise of nationalist and far-right ideologies. As we see it, media and culture became the ultimate nemesis of the system. This is the reason why we keep working on this platform.

This is an open call for contribution. The next issue will be an effort to prove the necessity of new ideas. Therefore, just like before there is no restriction on subjects and form factor as long as we are able to articulate a new humanity, a new seeing, a new hearing, a new thinking, a new loving.


Send us essays, short stories, poems, photos, or any still image content that reflects on the call’s theme before 27TH JUNE 2021. Successful admissions will be featured in the next Utca & Karrier Magazine coming out in autumn 2021.

Submit your work or any further questions to