Lectori Salutem

— Cserna Endre
This is the introduction for the fifth issue of U&K Magazine

Prepare as in the following pages we are launching into a deep dive towards the unforeseen probabilities that lay ahead of us. Our irides augment past their natural statuses, granting capture of the widest spectrum, we dissect the flows and structures with the utmost care of the most pristine butcher and ask: can we still imagine a grasp on the sight of a new golden age? Will the riches provide of the latest box we looted? Is there a past we dare to gaze back at to find the road ahead? 

Barely hoping for regaining Paradise, we found barren land thus far. The struggle lies ahead, yet as conscious recipients and hijackers of the media, we shall force the reflection onto itself, we are obligated to investigate the reality capture of the media politics. // ErrorMessages.h #ifdef LOCALIZATION_EN const std:string FRIENDLY_ERROR = "Hello, you are doing something wrong"; int *y = &int(12); //illegal to dereference a contemporary. ; template <typename T> struct whatever {};

As for the year: we are proud of the first alumni of the U&K lectures in ELTE, Great Galactic Ghoul advances to ludicrous speeds over vast distances on Lahmacun’s data streams, and despite all the muddy dark forces steaming&boiling up from the sewers, U&K Hetek will take place over the tender care of ISBN Gallery.

I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude toward all our contributors and everyone who has helped us get this far in any shape or form. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support, love, and attention we received over time, so thank you. From Caracas to Berlin to Hong Kong, the paralyzing flood of blinding light illuminates all under the loving grace of the incubi.

The fifth issue of Utca & Karrier Magazine has been formulating for almost a year at this point, yet it still managed to manifest in the face of many adversities. Forces beyond our control trapped us in the permanent ever-present, the darkness settles, earth shatters, suddenly we are finding ourselves at the center of an anti-imperialist meatball, rocking endlessly, incapacitated bodies morphing, distances grow and disappear, somethings light from afar, smoke fills the rotten lungs, allowing us to breath again, perhaps something is set ablaze. Could it be you? the phoenix yet?