U&K — Gold

5th issue, 06/2020
Against the tide of global desperation, U&K Gold appeared to invite people into the preparations for the golden age yet to come. From revisions of the history-as-told to thoughts on our collective futures, we take account of our personal relations and roam freely on deep dark landscapes.

Contributors: Ana Helena Arévalo, Borbála Kovács, Bertalan Eged, EKSTASIS, Fanni Deuringer, Fedra Fontanini, Florianne Rousselot, Márton Végh, Katharine Watzlawick, Fanni Papp, Adrienn Dorsánszki, Kitti Gosztola, Dominika Trapp, Mark Fridvalszki, Kincső Bede, Gábor Bácsfai, Laura Csocsán

Read the introduction for the fifth issue here.