U&K — Flames

4th issue, 09/2019

There’s this 80s pop song by Billy Joel called “We didn’t start the fire” and the lyrics is pretty much just all the most important headlines between 1949 and 1989, which tells a story of how the world was always fucked up (i.e. burning) and each generation had its own shitty things to deal with. That’s what we are dealing with currently as well, we just feel it in a much more saturated way. Honestly, sometimes, it even feels like that humanity totally deserve to be consumed in fire, but here’s a different idea: we should learn how to control the flames, to direct it at things we actually want to set alight, and finding spots we should protect from the fire. To help us find a way to familiarize ourselves with the burning sensation, earlier in the summer we launched our first open call for submissions in the topic of flames. Artists from all over the world, with different backgrounds, have sent us amazing works, which we are extremely honored to feature in the latest edition of our magazine.

Anna Ádám, Ana Helena Arévalo, Laura Csocsán, Márk Fridvalszki, Anna Juhász, Annamária Kmetyó, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Viktor Nagy, Márió Z. Nemes, Fanni Papp, Bianka Parázs, Finn Reduhn, Kerstin Sebesta, Gaspar M. Tamas, Marton Zampori, Pal Zwickl

You can download the issue here.