16th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

The 4th Estate — special issue by U&K
The publication is the result of the collaboration between Utca & Karrier Magazine and the 16th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. The media – also known as the Fourth Estate –, that should ideally monitor the power and provide information for the masses, has recently been changing slowly into a tool, which publicizes public affairs in the light of its own political asymmetry, influencing the values of the people deliberately. In such a twisted media landscape questions on the state of independent and free media – the situation of non-profit news sites, the meaning of journalism in our age, where anyone can be a journalist, and how we determine what’s real or what’s fake – have become rather important from the perspective of society. This publication, and the ‘Media the Fourth Estate’ section of the film festival aimed to provide a deeper look into that.

You can download the issue here.